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Hell no! Pop-Punk just indulged itself in a little rejuvenation and searched for a band like Estrella Drive, to hold up the flag for its long lost genre. Shared love for the music of their adolescent years brought those five guys, from all around Bavaria, together in Augsburg Rock-City. Combined, they are not reinventing the Punk-Wheel, but switching it up for the new model, to bomb down the highway to stages all over the world with tons of energy.

The five-piece from Augsburg creates a unique balance between fun and serious tones, which it uses to dust off a once dated scene. In their live sets they take the crowd on a journey from thrilling party numbers, which wanna make you try to reach the sky, down to emotional songs that go deeper than the ink beneath their skin. Emotional rollercoaster was yesterday, with Estrella Drive you can take the metaphorical BMX bike downhill, over the highest highs like the last pizza party, down to valleys lower than the Quarter-life crisis.